Conference Theme

Pivotal Role of Primary Care Physicians in Universal Health Coverage

Policy: Primary Care and Universal Health Coverage

A-1: Health Systems / promotion of Primary Care for UHC
A-2: Universal Health Coverage and its achievement
A-3: Quality and safety practices /personalised care in Primary Care
A-4: Human resource management for Primary Care /UHC
A-5: Health financial management for Primary Care/UHC
A-6: Health Information Management in Primary Care/UHC
A-7: Pharmaceutical industry & Primary Care practitioners & Ethics
A-8: Civil Social organization concerned with health

Services & Practices: Health Care Services in Primary Care

B-1: Health promotion /Disease prevention of NCDs and CDs / Vaccination
B-2: Emergency Care/ Ambulatory Care services / Home Care Services
B-3: Holistic Care /Coordinative Care /Palliative care/ Continuity Care
B-4: Paediatric care /adolescent/ men & women health & geriatric care
B-5: Traditional and alternative medicine and supplementary food
B-6: Rational prescription / Poly pharmacy
B-7: Mental Health/ Occupational Health/Rural Health /Environmental Health
B-8: Primary Trauma Care / Sport & Exercise Medicine
B-9: Travel medicine/ Telemedicine
B-10: Services for critical situations/ conflict area/vulnerable population
B-11: Clinical Practices Guidelines
B-12: point of care tests in Primary care clinics
B-13: Psych-social services by Primary care physicians
B-14: Family and Community oriented care
B-15: Life Style modification (Nutrition/Exercise/ Risk Behaviour)

Education: Family Medicine Education & Professional Development

C-1: Family Medicine Faculty Development
C-2: Training, certification, Standardization and accreditation
C-3: Medical education training for family medicine trainers
C-4: Curriculum development /Implementation/modification/innovation
C-5: Application of Information technology and social media
C-6: Continuous Medical Education for Practitioners from rural area/remote and hard
to reach area

Research Development: Basic & Applied research in primary Care

D-1: Primary care research network
D-2: Training/ Opportunity/ Support for primary care research
D-3: Publication/ unmet needs of primary care researchers
D-4: Applicability of clinical research findings /Meta-analysis
D-5: Evidence based practices /local research evidences
D-6: Publication to practices

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1st, September, 2022

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Conference Date

9th - 12 th April 2022

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