Why we visit Myanmar?

Myanmar, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, is a golden land….Colorful, eventful, intense and exotic… the ultimate destination for the travelers,, seeking the new, the unknown and romantic. The harmonious combination of beautiful and unspoiled natural landscape with a unique and diverse culture and a friendly and hospitable people continues to make Myanmar an ever increasingly attractive tourist destination for holiday makers from all over the world. In Myanmar, a country that has long been shunned by tourism, stately temples, ancient stupas and fabulous landscapes await you.


Should we visit Myanmar?

The rapid growth in the development of tourism in Myanmar and today’s infrastructure affords visitors an ever-growing choice of an accommodation, It is a member of ASEAN – please amend with “It is one of the ASEAN countries and it has much more opportunities . It is now marching to the destination to build a modern nation with the new-market orientated system. It is a member of ASEAN and it has much more opportunity to keep in touch to the world. The revenue from tourism goes mainly to support the ordinary people. So the trips to visit Myanmar can be of some help to the local people economically.


Accommodation in Yangon

There are more than 300 hotels and 14000 rooms in Yangon.
Level Name of Hotel Distance From Venue (Wyndham Grand Hotel) Cost Per Night (High Season)
Five Star Wyndham Grand Hotel Starts from $
Five Star Rose Garden 1.4 km Starts from $
Five Star Chatrium Hotel 1.3 km Starts from $
Four Star Esperado Lake View Hotel 0.23 km Starts from $
Four Star H Plus Hotel 1.0 km Starts from $
Four Star Pacific Hotel 1.6 km Starts from $
Four Star Clover Suite Royal Lake 2.6 km Starts from $
Three Star Hotel Rose Hill 1.1 km Starts from $
Three Star Virati Hotel 2.1 km Starts from $
Three Star Clover Hotel 2.5 km Starts from $
Boutique Cloud 10 Hotel 2.2 km Starts from $


Flight Connections with International

Form No. of direct flights per week
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) 94
Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) 55
Chiang Mai 12
Pattaya 3
Singapore 62
Kuala Lumpur 34
Japan 7
Seoul 7
Taipei (Tao Yuan Airport) 7
Beijing 5
Kunming 7
Nanning 1
Guang Zhou 10
Hong Kong 15
Ho Chi Minh 12
Hanoi 12
Phnom Penh 7
Dhaka 3
Gaya 2
Kolkata 5
Dubai 7
Doha 7
Australia 1 stop
New Zealand 1 stop
Fiji 1-2 stops
Italy 2 stop
Laos 1 stop
Indonesia 1-2 stops

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